Hunter's Smart Green Climate, Energy and Enclosure Solutions for Data, ICT and Telecom Networks


Hunter Corporation was founded 1996 in Sweden to develop and manufacture direct current (DC) cooled indoor and outdoor cabinets, enclosures, shelters equipped with DC HEX free-cooling units, DC Air-conditioners, 19 inches rack mounted rectifiers and 19 inch rack mounted sine wave inverters.

Hunter Group has also since 2016 manufactured and supplied 19 inch rack mounted lithium batteries for cabinets as well as the very populair "easy drop in" 12V 100Ah and 1280Wh lithium module/block battery to replace low performance lead acid battery installations. READ MORE

Uptime & Revenue

Hunterhex Direct Current uninterruptable cooling and power solutions increases telecom operators uptime & Revenue for e.g. data com, ICT and mobile networks.

Products & Solution

Our products designs is based on green energy and built ready tested from factories for plug & play installations and normal trained service technicians can maintain and perform service on the products, we always support your teams.

Operate 24/7

When struggling with power failures our DC cooling and power operates 24/7 even during power blackouts and power failures from AC grid

Kista Science Tower, Stockholm, Sweden


Telecommunication cabinets are ready-made solutions for fast deployment of new and modernization of existing access nodes. Comprehensive solutions for the deployment and operation of LTE and 5G networks, industry-standard wireless access 4.0, IoT.



Cabinets adapt to the tasks and plans of the enterprise. With Hunterhex wiring cabinets, you can upgrade and develop the power grid system in stages, adapting the functionality to the size, location and purpose of the equipment. Each stage is a complete solution, which simplifies the development process as the demand for capacity increases.



Comprehensive and individual system solutions for transport and road management, developed in strict accordance with customer requirements. Cabinet enclosures with anti-vandal protection solutions, a comfortable operating environment and convenient equipment maintenance.


Iot (for UPS)

Special equipment and software designed for efficient exchange of information and work altogether create the infrastructure of a company, city, country.Preliminary desined components of enclosures allow to quickly adapt the body depending on space requirements for equipment.Cabinets for IoT - are designed to protect equipment, provide excellent security and protection against burglary.


Why Choose Hunterhex

Hunterhex products and solutions are based on Smart Green High Technology Climate and Energy functionality with long life times, extended warranty times, high quality, international high brand components at your door step.

Why green high technology solutions?

New green technologies have taken over EV automotive sector and are also taking more of the data, ICT and communication sector as a result of that we all are striving for less global warming and lower carbon footprints in our businesses or daily live, we all want to green but also have a freedom life where we always are somehow connected with the world around us.

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High Quality

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Long Warranty