About Us


Infrastructure is one of the largest industries in the world which means that it has a large impact on the world and everyone in it. Hunterhex want to promote and be the change that moves it in a direction that contributes to both cleaner environments and smarter energy solutions.

To achieve this and stay competitive Hunterhex believe in the art of clear communication to promote transparency and to grow with both our clients and as an organisation. We see this as a core fundamental in maintaining and building new relationships for the long term but also to create an openness to share information between each other and the industry that moves it forward. 

This in return has given us the opportunity to stay ahead and better understand where the development is heading and what expectations has to be met.  

In order to offer products and services of the highest standards we have over many years built up collaborations with various factories (OEM) where we provide a range of different products that are focused on efficient and cleaner energy solutions like our Hybrid storage solutions.