About Us


Hunter International was founded 1999 in Sweden to develop and manufacture direct current (DC) cooled indoor and outdoor cabinets, enclosures, shelters equipped with plug & play panel type DC HEX free-cooling units, DC Air-conditioners, 19 inches rack mounted rectifiers and 19 inches rack mounted sine wave inverters, AVR (automatic voltage regulators) and Interactive UPS’s. Hunter was name changed 2017 to Hunterhex with EMEA office in Sweden and 2018 operated via HQ SEA office Hunterhex International Ltd in Hong Kong that connects with factories in SEA region.

Hunterex has also since 2016 manufacture and supplied 19 inches rack mounted lithium batteries for cabinets as well as the very popular “easy drop in” 12V 100Ah and 1280Wh lithium module/block battery to replace low performance lead acid battery installations. The lithium block module is easy to “drop in” when doing swap outs and replaces 12V x 4 pieces that makes a 48V battery string in your current installations.

Many years of market presence and customer service experience has developed the business into being specialized 0n Intelligent outdoor cabinets & shelters for batteries, fiber optic cross connect, power and telecom cabinets in many indoor and outdoor enclosure applications.

Hunter Group is involved in infrastructure for micro data center, ICT, telecom & power cabinets, controllers, cooling, AC power lines, DC backups for mobile emergency 112 & 991 networks as well as mobile networks for the telecom operators globally. City communication networks and street cabinets has a significant volume of todays manufacturing and deliveries globally

Hunter Group is continuously developing new green high technology products and solutions to give an option for consumers to reduce the global warming and it’s carbon foot print in new and existing installations, with renewable energy products that has low energy consumption and high energy efficacy, we strive to make your solutions driven by direct current DC optimal 24/7 operations with DC power supply backup that will override AC power failures or short power blackouts. AC backup and energy storages has solutions for 120V/240V/400V and 700V to cover for local power failures or shorter power blackouts from the AC grid in cities where other renewable options are a shortage.

Products and Site Solutions serving autonomy telecommunication sites OFF Grid – Grid-tied – ON Grid serving data com and storage, defense, emergency networks, EPC communication, mobile telecommunication, fixed telephone networks PV Solar panels, MPPT chargers, sun iTracker, solar batteries, installation equipment, SoW specifications, drawings with full service. Hunter installation and consultants specializes in unique challenges that call for unique solutions and our priority is solving first part of problem to agree and know what we and you are up against.

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1999, activities in four continents

Own R&D, Integration Manufacturing & Marketing of Data Center & Telecom Climate Control Systems, Assembled Customized Outdoor DC Cooled Cabinets and product line has expanded with LFP Batteries, Inverters and Interactive Online UPS with inbuilt batteries, please see further products on our web page www.hunterhex.com

Maximum capacity – 1 000 pcs of factory assembled customized outdoor cabinets per month., DC air conditioners, Heat Exchangers, Combo HEX with inbuilt AC/DC compressor 5 000 pcs /month. AVR (automatic voltage regulators), Batteries, Inverters, PV Solar and Interactive online UPS has no volume limits

ISO-9001 Compliance.

Products running in more than 15 foreign countries. Scandinavia, Europe, Central Asia, Central America, NA & SA America, Russia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Honduras, Paraguay, Cyprus, India, Iran, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Egypt, UAE, Pakistan, Malaysia, etc