Telecom Hybrid Solution

HUNTERHEX® hybrid system for Telecom Applications

  • Battery storage modular from 5 – 25 Kwh in 5 kWh steps. Each 5-kWh step require 3U height in cabinet. All based on LiFePO4 100Ah 19-Inch rack mounted modules. Can be replaced with 50Ah and other manufacturer or with VRLA/AGM batteries.
  • 4-8 kW 3-in-1 Inverter, rectifier & solar charger, flexible 230V AC/48V DC/200-400V DC solar, input & output.
  • Cabinet with 19-inch rack, 1000 and 1400mm high, with cooling/heating options

Lithium Battery Pack

  • 48 Volt with nominal Capacity 100Ah, 5000Wh
  • Max Charge: 100A, recommended 20A
  • Max Discharge: 100A (5 kW max load)
  • Weight 45 kg / battery
  • 3U height (133 mm including front panel)
  • Up to 3500 cycles at 90% DoD


  • Compact module design 8U height
  • Parallel operation and module redudancy design
  • Hot swappable
  • Multi function design

Modular Inverter/Charger 4-8 kW

Hunterhex multi function modular inverter/charger can be used as inverter, AC charger or solar charger in 19 inch shelf. Its comprehensive LCD display offers a configurable and easy accessible button operation.

  • Compact module design
  • Parallel operation and module redundancy design
  • Hot swappable
  • Multi function design