DC Heat Exchanger

DC Heat Exchanger 50W/K to 260W/K and upwards

HEX Product Design Feature

  • This series of products can be widely used in enclosed area for climate control, such as wireless communication cabinet, battery cabinet,industry control cabinet, ICT cooling & Micro Data Center applications etc.
  • MODbus RS485, TCP IP remote measure, remote communication, remote control, which can realize multiple automatic protection and comprehensive self-testingfunction. If Hunterhex lithium batteries is used CANbus is included
  • Anti Corrosive heat exchanger coils for cooling, in and outdoor airflow is seperatedwich we recommend to keep an overpresure inside cabinet, shelter or room to avoid airleackage from ambient condition.
  • Strict process control and international brand parts deployed to ensure high quality and reliable of this product;Multiple self protection design & Interchangeable monitoring software interface, RS485 communication (MODBUS protocol) sockets for remote communication or with separate logins via mobile, computer or pads…
  • Circulation fans stepless speed regulation function;
    Dry contact alarm output, NO/NC optional;

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