In and Outdoor Cabinet & references

Cabinets or Enclosures (Outdoor Cabinets Customized)

Equipped Custom sized or Standard Cabinet modules with height 1300/2100 mm, Width 650 mm , Depth 550 mm. Cabinets cab be equipped with 19 inches sub-rack or 2 to 4 battery shelf’s that can carry from 50Ah to 1200Ah battery banks of extensive high cycle, high performance long life lithium phosphate LifePO4 batteries.

The cabinets can be equipped with DC Air-conditioners, DC Heat Exchangers, 19 inches rack mounted rectifiers and 19 inches rack mounted sine wave inverters. Hunter Group also since 2016 manufacture and supply 19 inches rack mounted lithium-ion batteries for cabinets as well as the very popular “easy drop in” 12V 100Ah and 1280Wh lithium phosphate LifePO4 module/block battery to replace low performance lead acid battery installations (easy drop in replaces 12V x 4 peace’s 48V battery string)

Low energy consumption from DC air conditioners and even lower power consumption with DC Heat Exchangers especially designed for the cabinets, all products with Modbus Software RS485, IP and optionally GPRS Modem Communication remotely or locally with smartphone

Special anti-corrosion treatment with extra-long warranty

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